Transformation Towards Energy Efficiency and Smart Buildings project aims to introduce the governing authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to a coherent concept of an energy efficient government building utilizing accessible modern technologies.

Given the issue of energy efficiency has been gaining positive reception by large segments of the population, the local governing authorities can pave the way and become an active pioneer of the necessary energy transformation and application of innovative technologies.

An integral part of the project is to develop a case study, where a government building will be selected for a drone energy efficiency audit. Execution of the audit will be followed by an elaboration on concrete recommendations for an in-depth energy audit of the building, structural renovation options, and innovative technology implementation (such as IoT sensors, smart photovoltaic system with a battery storage, electromobility infrastructure etc.).

Today, Westport and its partners EPDOR and Energis conducted an energy audit and thermal imagery with a drone of the municipal administrative building in the city of Prijedor in Bosnia and Herzegovina.