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Enabling positive tipping points towards clean-energy transitions in coal and carbon intensive regions

Westport Consulting is a partner on a H2020 program with the following objectives:

Objective 1: Identify, quantify, and evaluate different dimensions and indicators in human-geography, social, policy, environmental, and economic domains that characterize the emergence of Social-Ecological Tipping Points (SETPs) in the form of fundamental changes in CCIRs from a transitions-oriented interdisciplinary social science focusing on regional social-ecological systems.
Objective 2: Explore cumulative processes, capacities, and socio-structural forces leading in Coal and Carbon Intensive Regions (CCIRs) that lead to positive or negative tipping points in energy transitions considering different regional challenges, opportunities and configurations.
Objective 3: Co-develop socially acceptable regional future visions up to 2030 to support more durable governance arrangements and strategic goals for CCIRs in line with broader goals of the EU 2030 package, EU Energy Union, and Global Stock Take with relevant actors.
Objective 4: Identify critical tipping interventions and devise practical transformation strategies in specific CCIRs to potentially reach future visions and promote regional sustainability learning and awareness of positive tipping points in education, governance, and planning processes. 


Transformation Towards Energy Efficient and Smart Buildings

In cooperation with EPDOR and ENERGIS, we will be introducing the governing authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to a coherent concept of an energy efficient public buildings utilizing accessible modern technologies. A development of a blueprint, outlining the benefits and possibilities of a step-by-step path towards energy transformation and application of innovative technologies. The representatives of the authorities as well as other stakeholders will be taken on board throughout the project to ensure the blueprint is tailored-made and maximally responsive to the Bosnian context. Case study development where a public building will be selected for a drone energy efficiency audit. Execution of the audit will be followed by an elaboration on concrete recommendations for an in-depth energy audit of the building, structural renovation options, and innovative technology implementation (such as IoT sensors, smart photovoltaic system with a battery storage, electromobility infrastructure etc.).

Furthermore, we will develop a financial mechanism and a incentivizing strategy for Bosnia and Herzegovina and assess the potential for a scale-up by utilizing best practices from the Czech Republic regarding effective incentivization of such transformation and the latter will show the most desirable way forward. 


Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The objective of the project is to develop training materials and delivery of trainings on sustainable entrepreneurship.

The specific objectives of the project are:
1. Educate young people in the field of entrepreneurship, business planning and management;
2. Encourage young people to participate more actively in the community and strengthen cooperation with the community in which they live;
3. Support young people in starting their own businesses;
4. Integrate the concept Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the private sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


Sarajevo Smart City

Our project revolved around Smart Public Lighting System, aims to decrease the power consumption, decrease air pollution and decrease the light pollution with the goal of improving public service delivery, i.e. street lightning and help address the priority city challenges - air and light pollution. Beside primary benefits, there are many secondary and tertiary benefits of the Smart Public Lighting System implementation. The collected data could be defined as an Open Data licensed what means that the data or at least some part of them could be publish and made available to analyze from the third-party subject including many upcoming start-ups related with new and smart ICT-based solution in hardware and software topics what directly effects the entrepreneurship ecosystem and effects the economic growth in the City.


GREEN MIND: First Workshop

On March 28, 2019 Westport Consulting organized the first workshop on enhancing competitiveness and innovation in the Green and Smart mobility industry. The project, goals, roles, beneficiaries of the project and the way of further realization of the activities were presented on the workshop to relevant SMEs, public institutions, and academia.

Our expert team presented the results of the status quo analysis in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of green and smart mobility industry, and the results of the research of SME capacity for innovation and development.

Also, our expert team designed innovative pilot activities that were presented to SME representatives and discussion was opened on the real needs of SMEs.

The workshop presented successful examples of entrepreneurs and individuals who have made a step towards innovation in the field of green and smart mobility.


Evaluation of the KnowING IPR Project

Westport Consulting conducted an evaluation of the Interreg funded project KnowING IPR. We analysed the project against the defined outcomes and outputs. The evaluation assessed the Work Package 3, activities and outcomes using the 5 DAC criteria: relevance, effectiveness, impact, efficiency, and sustainability through desk research, focus group discussions and semi-structered interviews with key informants (SMEs, public institutions, and academia).

The KnowING IPR project aims to improve framework conditions for innovation in the Danube region by developing a transnational KnowING IPR platform and provide open access tools for advanced intellectual property rights (IPR) analysis, and guidelines for improved and harmonized IPR policy framework across the Danube region. It ensures broader and needs-based access to existing innovation and research results, to patents and to IPR knowledge and encompasses services and training for the management of IPR and for support to commercialization of research results and technology transfer.



The Green Mind project aims to develop and strengthen SMEs’ economic competitiveness and innovation capacities in the field of green and smart mobility in the Mediterranean area.
Green and smart mobility includes transport services and technologies (vehicles and components, computer applications, clean fuels, infrastructure, etc.) aiming to improve the mobility of people and goods and to reduce its environmental impacts. 


TIIMISS Conference

Westport Consulting is part of an expert team for the Digitalization of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The TIIMISS Conference aims to present interesting topics and research in terms of status-quo of the digatalization and informatization process with recommendations to improve our societies and State's digital and information infrastructure. 


Change Management services

Westport Consulting is engaged by a private company to conduct an Analysis of the state of organization and operational management with the aim of determining the starting basis for the improvement of the company processes.



Westport Consulting proudly announces that it has acquired StrikConsulting, a leading Bosnian consulting company in sustainable development in Southeast Europe.

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