Central project evaluations -Framework Agreement Lot 11 – Energy

Jul 2020 – Dec 2022
Monitoring and Evaluation

Framework agreement for evaluations of 12 technical cooperation projects in the field of Energy.


Responsible for the design and execution of individual evaluations in the context of “Energy”. To this end, he must:

For each evaluation, the following documents are prepared in English according to the relevant evaluation:

  • an inception report of no longer than 20 pages in the specified format with an attached evaluation matrix in draft form;
  • a PowerPoint presentation in the specified format for debriefing purposes after the evaluation mission;
  • a final report of no longer than 40 pages without attachments in the specified format, with a completed evaluation matrix attached;
  • a seven-page executive summary in the specified format;
  • a one-page document in the specified format containing the core messages of the evaluation.

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