ECA Distributed Generation Market Analysis

The World Bank Group
Sep 2020 – Mar 2021
Energy Advisory

The Assignment will serve as a basis to deploy targeted support to specific countries, aimed at supporting development of an effective market framework for distributed generation, paired with identification of opportunities for direct investments. Countries of focus in the ECA region will be divided into two groups, depending on the status of DG market development and magnitude and composition of the distributed energy resources: prime markets (Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and/or other markets defined under Task 1) and emerging markets (Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, WB6).

The key objectives of this Assignment are to:

  • Provide a status review of ECA distributed generation market development and best practice focused on commercial and industrial applications and define/constitute prime markets.
  • Conduct a detailed mapping of opportunities for the prime markets, paired with recommendations for targeted regulatory and technical assistance and investments.
  • Conduct a high-level analysis/synthesis and identify key lessons on legislative, regulatory, technical and market arrangements to facilitate distributed generation development in the emerging markets.

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