Rooftop Solar PV Potential in Urban Zone of FBIH

Environmental Fund FBiH

Mar 2021 – Mar 2022
Energy Advisory, Market Research

The aim of the project is to analyze, determine, and quantify rooftop solar PV potential in urban areas to solve air pollution problems and define the beneficial effects of using these solar potentials to improve air quality and reduce pollutants – in the form of a reduction in the amount of CO2 equivalent.

As the demand for renewable energy grows, so does the need to quantify the potential for these resources. Understanding the potential of a particular energy source can help in the decision-making process, educating consumers, initiating technological development, increasing production capacity and supporting citizens in making decisions about investing in solar energy.

Expected results and outputs of the project:

1. Mapped rooftop solar PV potential in two city zones in FBIH
2. Developed DTM model, GIS database for given research areas (two city zones in FBIH)
3. Conducted analysis of the techno-economic potential of rooftop solar PV in two urban zones in the FBIH
4. Developed web application that visually represents the potential of solar energy on roofs for given research areas via GIS
5. Conducted environmental analysis of the current state and the state of air quality due to the exploitation of the identified potential of solar energy
6. Prepared research document (Feasibility Study) of solar energy potential for reducing air pollution
7. Implemented awareness raising campaign through social networks with over 100,000 impressions
8. Educated over 20 key actors regarding the potential of solar energy

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