Westport Consulting provides assistance in locating, selecting and developing new opportunities and business relationships. We assist our clients with their local, regional, and international development activities at all levels. Whether you are initially evaluating international opportunities or striving to increase the effectiveness of your existing program, we can support you to reap the benefits of the global economy and achieve success.

Westport is a competent and reliable partner in all stages of the project development phases – from idea creation do implementation!


  • ✦ Market potential assessment and research
  • ✦ Marketing and Sales support, strategy, and planning in developing and expanding the markets for your products and services.
  • ✦ Assistance with contract negotiations, project implementation and other business transactions.
  • ✦ Assistance in evaluating, negotiating and structuring transactions.
  • ✦ Train your personnel to understand and effectively compete in the local, regional, and global marketplace.
  • ✦ Benchmarking analysis of your business


offers capabilities, self-defined methodology, proven tools and methods to help our clients plan and execute programs of change, whether the program complements an organization transformation or focuses on more transactional change programs.

Defining the desired future state of the organization or function based on the change program; and designing the change program itself, including specific initiatives in areas such as definition of essential behaviors, communications strategy, learning strategy and the approach to leveraging analytics and measurement tools and methodologies.

Defining the desired behaviors from leadership, individuals and the organization as a whole.

Stakeholder analysis; change impact assessment; change measurement and analytics; communications and stakeholder engagement; training and performance support; and alignment of organization, culture and behaviors.


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Westport Consulting assisted us in setting up our new focus which enabled us to shift more towards serving our clients’ needs and at the same time maintain our competitiveness in highly competitive automotive supply parts market.

J. Masak
CEO, Volkswagen Sarajevo

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