Capacity Development

Capacity development is at the core of our work at Westport Consulting. Whether in the energy, management or financial sector, our teams aim to develop stronger systems, enabling organizations and individuals to maximize impact and to help fulfill their mission.

We are flexible and rapidly adapt to any situation.


A good understanding of the precise needs of each target group is essential in order to be able to offer suitable programs of education.

Benefit from our international capacity building experience to support your institution during the setting-up of change management, entrepreneurship, start-up, management consulting, sales, renewable energy training courses, energy efficiency education and corresponding training material.

We tailor our Train-the-Trainer seminars to our client’s need. Our goal is to produce highly qualified trainers able to undertake courses autonomously; and, if required, to the standards set by accreditation bodies or professional institutions.

Quality assurance in education and training is key to successful and sustainable renewable energy market development.


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Westport Consulting assisted us in setting up our new focus which enabled us to shift more towards serving our clients’ needs and at the same time maintain our competitiveness in highly competitive automotive supply parts market.

J. Masak
CEO, Volkswagen Sarajevo

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