Monitorig and Evaluation

Westport Consulting has strong expertise in program Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) adapted to a variety of contexts. In each assignment, a specific methodology is designed, taking into account the program dynamics, the partners involved and the areas of implementation. With customized indicators and tools, and combined teams of national and international consultants, Westport Consulting reviews all layers of program implementation, extracting best practices and lessons learned and formulating recommendations for improvement and future programming.

We manage and implement comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, and learning projects, including methods to assess advocacy and long-term policy change efforts.


The first step in creating an M&E program is to identify its goals and objectives. This ensures a platform to build on.

Determining both process indicators to enable actions and outcome indicators to define project success criteria, is vital.

Adhering to donor expectations and demands are crucial for project longevity. With Viewworld donor reporting is automatic and live.

Program evaluation is key to improvement. Viewworld assist organizations in carrying out external and objective program evaluations.


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Westport Consulting assisted us in setting up our new focus which enabled us to shift more towards serving our clients’ needs and at the same time maintain our competitiveness in highly competitive automotive supply parts market.

J. Masak
CEO, Volkswagen Sarajevo

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